Transferring and Receiving of Mobile Data Made Easier

The invention in technology as increased widely in present days. The invention in technology like electronic industry, telecom industry had been developed dramatically which shrinks the entire world. Therefore due to this dramatic improvement in technology people prefer computer than man work. Telecom industry is developed many applications hence brings whole world into small hand called mobile. Mobile is the wireless communication which connects people through satellite. Mobile had become popular among people thus telecom industry had brought many applications for the customer due to heavy competition in buying the new product. Mobile communication is not only meant for communication but also used in military and security service industries to carry and communicate in remote places. Mobile device is light weight so it is easy to carry and fixed easily in hand hence mobile is called as portable device. Communications in mobile is held through text message, voice message, emails, fax, etc.


Feature and Usage of Mobile in Modern Days 

The components used in mobile are the battery which gives life to the mobile while communicating. The other components used are keypad which gives input data for transmitting and reply to the output data. Now a day’s touch screen is used in all smart phones instead of keypad. There is a display pad which display both transmitting and receiving data in the screen. The basic mobile phones GSM for transmitting and receiving data. There are many mobile phone they are Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony-Ericson, Blackberry, Apple etc.

Mobile phones are used widely they are

  • Mobile is used to transmit and receive data from one place to another even in remote places.
  • Text messages are transmitted with the help of SMS service.
  • Picture messages, Video and audio data can also be transmitted through MMS services.
  • Internet can be enabled in mobile phones and can transfer emails, downloading data, searching, etc., can be done with GPRS service in mobile.
  • Bluetooth is enabled to transfer video, music, etc.
  • Listening to music, gaming, and many applications like calculator, calendar, etc., can be done through mobile phones.
  • Mobile banking services are the another purpose which allows to transmit money

If mobile phones is lost or theft it is easily identified through the location. If the phone is turned off it can be tracked through geographical location of the mobile. Do not use mobile phones while driving since it is strictly prohibited by the government and to avoid accidents.

Global communication market depends on GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) for communication through mobile. Using this mobile communication people can move from place to place to communicate with other end people. To switch from a country to another country Global System of Mobile Communication helps to communicate that is GSM is helpful while roaming which gives uninterrupted communication for the customer. Telecom industry also enables a SMS (Short Messaging Service) which is useful for voice and text messages. Hence communicating through voice and text message had become popular between youngsters therefore telecom industry provides fewer prices in communicating through text messages. Wireless communication become easier for military, air force and navy force and transmitting and receiving data are easier and faster. Hence mobile is used for both official and commercial purpose of communication. Thus high competition between the mobile operator hence produce different feature, prices, application, models, etc to attract customer to buy their product.

Mobile is flexible and easily connected hence every day work can be done through mobile communication. Internet surfing can also be done in mobile due to improvement in technology dramatically. Feature like MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is used in mobile to transmit picture, video, audio message from one mobile to another. GPRS is used for data transmitting from one phone to another at high speed through internet. This feature is available in particular type of phone and internet connection. Through mobile we can transmit and receive data by sitting in a place and do business in a place through the usage of mobile called Global Positioning System. Modern mobile as many features and application to attract the customer and price are based on the quality and features in the mobile. Operating System used in developing mobile is ios, blackberry, android, window mobile, etc., where android is the popular usage in many smart phones.