Top Most Downloaded Apps of 2016

Possessing a Smartphone without crucial apps such as messaging apps, calling apps, playing apps and so on is just as same as having a pen without a refill. The users download several different types of applications to make their Smartphone efficient.The applications are available for almost all ranges of operating systems from Android to iOS iPhone and most of the apps are available either for free of cost or else you need to pay for them. Below listed apps are the most loved apps by the users:



Facebook being the most popular social networking site all over the world it seems that it is standing all strong even in the case of top applications.Records suggest that Facebook has crossed the milestone of 1 billionaccounts by mid of 2013 and Android version of Facebook has been downloaded over more than 500 million times all over the world.Looking at the popularity of the site and the application it is now coming pre-installed in many of the new android handset.

WhatsApp messenger

A list of top apps is incomplete without mentioning whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is the most popular and loved instant messaging app in which apart from text messages users can send pictures, audio files or media files, contacts, locations and much more to each other with the internet access. Whatsapp has taken over the default messaging option of the Smartphone.


YouTube is one of the top most downloaded apps with the estimation around 2 billion videos available at YouTube at present. Apart from this enormous number of videos availability there are around 300 million YouTube accounts all over the world. In this application the user can view the video in HD and Ultra-HD format. In an instant they can play their desired video as well as upload the videos at their social networking site accounts.

BBC weather

The app was launched in the year 2013 by the BBC which is available for free of cost. The application offers amazing features, stylish widgets, terrific forecast, location wise settings and the app also supports multiple location facility showing different locations at a time.


Not only the app which is attractive but the features provided by it are also very much attractive. The application allows you to browse, view several items and buy them. The integration of PayPal with the application makes it a plus point for the application’s user friendly status. With the handsets getting smarter with amazing camera quality you can easily sell items directly by capturing a photo, uploading it and list out the data of the item.

Google Keep

Everyone is aware of the Google’s cross platform note taking tool and seeing its success Google has launched Google Keep application which comes with amazing widgets, Google keep syncs all the mobile notes saved in your phone chrome if the application is used in the chromebook.

Temple Run

Temple run was first created in 2011 by the Imangi Studios and it is considered as the most successful games of the all times with more than 200 million downloads. The graphics of the game is well designed and presented. The second or the upgraded version was officially launched in January 2013.

Google maps

No matter where you are, you can view the world in your hands with the use of Google maps application which allows the users to return to the lost objects, visualize maps; view the images of the earth and much more. At the beginning the application used the Java but later it was also made available for the Android handset.

All the above stated apps are available at play store from where you can download it freely. These applications have been trending for a while with constant increase in the users of the apps and the Smartphone.