Top 5 Best Reasons For Buying The Xbox One

Well, today if there are few things that describe the kind of person you are it is your habits. By that we mean to ask you a question. Are you a gamer? If YES then go got to read on to find out more about Xbox one!

Video games have evolved during the course of time. The 80’s kids would relate to what we mean. More the technology flourishes more will be the desire to have more. In the past decade or so the gaming platforms have seen a huge jump just like any other technology that you might have seen.

Xbox One

The Competition

There are 2 main competitors when it comes to console gaming the Play Station series and the XBOX series. Both have their own loyal followers and both have their own highs and lows. But here we are to discuss the highs of XBOX one and why you should own one. Xbox has made a very loyal market and with the launch of Xbox one the age-old debate started. Which one should you go for? Here are some of the things why you should buy Xbox one.

  • Exclusive games

Well, it was Microsoft’s great idea, which put the Xbox one wagon wheel on full throttle. The announcement that the Xbox one will be the 1st to launch the DLC pack for “Call of Duty: advance warfare”, but that was not the end of it. It has found it gear shifted to higher speed with the launch of “Forza Horizon 2”. And the cherry on the cake, the crown gem was the announcement of “Halo: the master chief collection” which will bring all four halo edition to the Xbox one and will be supporting great graphical update at 1080p and 60fps. You got to feel that interface in your nerves!

  • Good bye to Kinect

Well, for all those who were a little irritated with Kinect here is good news. Microsoft did unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One. Of all the games that were launched used the technology though no one mentioned it by name. We know Kinect is incredible, but it is nice to have a choice of whether gamers want to opt for it or not. So Microsoft did decide to give them that freedom.


  • Awesome performance

Well Xbox has been always a very strong playing platform, but the new news is that the device will be able to tap into the 10% of the additional GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) that was stored for the Kinect device before. With the kinect being unbundled from the Xbox one the power is free to be used by the device. Xbox ranks notches above when it comes to enjoying a sheer gaming experience.

  • Saves you some bucks

Xbox has been always the expensive one and would dig slightly deeper into the pockets of the buyers. But with the removal of the Kinect technology, there has been a substantial decline in the pricing. The Xbox is available for around $ 399, which is same as the price of Play Station 4, this has happened for the 1st time actually. With the popularity of this cheaper console, its demand has increased and it could be the final nail in Kinect as developers, who are already slow to adopt the technology can make the full use of the opportunity. For those who wanted to buy the Xbox but the cost issue had forbidden them to buy, they can possibly afford the same.

  • New prospective and momentum for Indie titles

Well, Microsoft has started something different. They have been making heads turn with their new headway with ID Xbox programs that helps smaller studios to make title and distribute it. This opportunity has helped many to grow and we are able to see new diamonds emerging from the rough.

Games like Lovers in dangerous space-time, Mighty No 9, Aztez and threes among many have caught peoples’ attention. Which is giving the PlayStation traditional Powerful Indie scene a run for their money.

So as we now conclude, you already have ample of reasons to buy an Xbox. Its sheer fun, high on performance and also affordable. Something we have been missing in the Xbox since ages!