Redmi – The Newest Smartphone Giant On The Block

The Redmi phones have become the latest craze among the youth, owing largely in part to an unbelievable price tag, especially when compared to the features on offer. Most people might view such a deal with apprehension, but the truth is that Redmi has quite a lot going for it, even in terms of durability and its ability to take a hit. Both of the main models, namely the Note 4G and the 1S have garnered rave reviews for their usage and functionality, and have taken the world by storm.

Amongst the Indian populace, the Redmi gained recognition due to a unique marketing scheme which meant that they could only be bought through Flipkart. Many regarded the deal with trepidation in the beginning, but those who chose it were rewarded. Both the Redmi 1S and the Redmi Note 4G are prime leaders in their section, and offer competition to the bigger models in the market. The competitive pricing further helps their cause.

Redmi Note 4G

A high-performance budget smartphone might sound like any oxymoron but that is exactly what the Redmi Note 4G is. Priced at just a shade below 10 grand, the Note 4G comes equipped with a Quad-core processor in the form of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, which works at a speed of 1.6 GHz. This means that multi-tasking is a breeze no matter the amount of applications that might be open. An Adreno 305 graphics card also makes it easy to play games, with Asphalt running as smooth as it would on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

5.5 inch HD IPS display means that there is little to complain about on that front as well for users of the Redmi Note 4G. Any viewing angle is rewarded with the color consistency unseen before due to the presence of in-plane switching technology. From the most extreme of angles, the color will remain the same without any worries at all. A 13 megapixel primary camera, coupled with a front camera of 5 megapixels, means that neither proper photos nor selfies suffer any harm. Android 4.4 (KitKat) makes it easy to use, while the unique user interface of the Redmi is akin to that of an IPhone.

A long-battery life, the ability to connect to 4G LTE Networks and an expandable memory of up to 64 GB all contributes towards making the Note 4G the phone to buy when it comes to high-performance smartphones. This is especially true for people on a budget.

Redmi 1S

The common factor between the Note 4G and the 1S is the fact that the processor as well as graphics card remains the same. Quad-core speed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 at 1.6 GHz combines with the Adreno 305 graphics card in order to provide flawless multi-tasking and gaming options for any user.

The compromise lies in the case of the display and the camera. The display is a 1280×720 one, with clear, crisp pictures with a pixel density of 312 per inch. The In-plane switching technology once again helps keep the color sharp and precise from any angle, and allows for the viewing of clear pictures as well as fine text in the case of e-books or work documents.

The 1S comes with dual-SIM capability, allowing for the usage of two SIM cards together. This allows a person to shuffle both their professional and personal life with the same gadget, all at the cost of one. 8 megapixels worth of rear camera combines with a front camera rated at 1.6 megapixels to provide users with a click experience unlike any other, especially within the price range.

Durability is a question for many when it comes to these particular phones. Having undergone close to 100,000 tests before reaching the user guarantees that the phone is built to last, and it comes with 1 year of warranty as well. 6 months’ worth of warranty is also present on the accessories included in the box. 8 GB of flash memory is also present, as is an expandable memory slot of up to 64 GB, providing the user with more than enough space to store all the files that they need to.

The Redmi has caught both the eye and the imagination of the population at large, and has become one of the leading phones being sold in the present market. If it is able to keep up the functions and options it is providing within a tight budget, it can definitely compete with the big boys at the top of the smartphone market in the modern world.