Quiklo Review – Buy top end mobiles with an EMI

These days, a new phone launches every week with higher specs and features better than the previous one. In such a dynamic world, we all feel the need to have the latest phone with the best features. However, what poses as an obstacle is money. Although the features are getting better, the price of phones is skyrocketing as well. Owning your dream without an EMI seems impossible and without a credit card, you can’t get an EMI. This is how things worked until now, with the launch of Quiklo, EMI has completely changed forever.

Most of the students as well as young people have a debit card through which they make all their online purchases. Quiklo facilitates them to pay their EMIs with the help of debit cards instead of credit cards. Due to this, you will also be able to buy oppo phones on EMI which are in a lot of demand these days. Let’s check why you must use Quiklo to buy top end mobiles from reputed online sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Reasons why you must buy Phones from Quiklo

There are several reasons why you can use Quiklo to get your dream phone with an easy EMI. However, let’s see some of the reasons why people, especially students love using Quiklo for buying phones.

  • No Credit Card for EMI: This is probably the best reason why people like using the service. There are many who desire to buy Lenovo products on EMI among many other phones. If they don’t own a credit card, chances are they won’t be able to purchase it. With the help of Quiklo, they can now buy their desired phone on an EMI without the need of credit card.
  • Buy from Reputed Stores: Unlike many other EMI services, you will be able to buy products directly from top notch e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart among others. This also ensures that you will get genuine products when you use Quiklo for buying phones online with an EMI.
  • Huge Range of Products: Quiklo offers a huge range of products including cameras, laptops, mobile phones and others. You can also buy Oppo phones on EMI as well as buy Lenovo products on EMI through Quiklo which is quite convenient. There are no limitations to what products you can buy as most of the top rated phones can be availed through the service.
  • Multiple Payment Options: One of the best parts about using Quiklo is that to pay your EMI’s you can use multiple payment options. Almost all the banks cut the amount from your credit card every month. But Quiklo provides you various sorts of options including debit cards, digital wallets and net banking. You can be at convenience and pay as you like instead of being forced to use a single method.
  • Easy To Use: The app is extremely easy to use and you can get things done without many efforts. This facilitates ease of buying products with EMI and paying them off without having to do complex procedures and tasks. Even the interface of the app is nicely made so that users will find it convenient to use.
  • Pay in Cash: This is a feature which probably no EMI provider offers. Once you complete your down payment for a product and receive it, you can also pay the rest of the installments in cash by heading to any of the Quiklo offices. This is great for students who want to buy their dream phone in installments but do not own a debit card or any digital payment wallets.

The Last Words

EMI based payments have never been easier and now you can buy your favorite products with the help of Quiklo without much effort. Never worry about not having a credit card again as you can pay your EMIs with the help of other payment options. It is also a great service for students who choose to buy products they love using their savings. It is simply not possible for students to get products on EMI but Quiklo has made it possible and in a great way.