The New Era Of Gaming Started With Microsoft Xbox Gaming Consoles

Nowadays there are many varieties of gaming console can be found by people are offered by the various manufacturers. The era of gaming has reached the new height with the different types of gaming consoles available in the market. Since the early years, the concept of gaming console has changed drastically. Now people can play games that give people the real feeling with the kind of graphic and sound effect they offer to the people.

Xbox is one of the most leading gaming consoles used by many numbers of people all over the world. This gaming console is not only used by the kids or youngster, but there are many adult people also use this gaming console on a regular basis. Some of the games offered by Xbox, allow people to perform the exercise on a regular basis that help them to stay fit. Xbox gaming console was first introduced the people back in the year 2001.

Since the launch of this gaming console, it has gained popularity all over the world amongst all groups of ages. Xbox offers numbers of games to the people that come with the diverse variety and graphic. The games offered for the Xbox are in high demand in the market all over the world. It has helped to change, the revolution of the gaming experience for the people. People can enjoy the every game at the fullest fun and enjoyment.


Using Xbox people can enjoy the games that are saved on the console as well as they can, even enjoy the games online using the online service called Xbox Live. People can use the Xbox console for playing games as well as doing other things like streaming music videos, browsing internet, browsing television programs, and many more other features available in it. People can enjoy some of the games that were released for the computer, but which are also compatible with the Xbox console.

Since the launch of this gaming console, it has been sold more than 80 millions console worldwide. For example, in US 25.4 million, in UK 8 millions, in Japan 1.5 million, and so on. In the other countries like Europe, Middle East, and Africa the number reaches more than 13.7 millions. In today’s time, Microsoft sells the two types of gaming consoles to the people. Let’s take a look at them as mentioned below.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 gaming console was released back in the year 2005 that was competing the major and leading competitors that are PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii that were the part of the seventh generation gaming consoles. At the time of the launch the Xbox 360 consoles were sold out immediately making it shortage of the consoles all over the world. With the launch of Xbox 360 people were able to get connected to Xbox Live to enjoy the games online.

With the increasing demand and popularity of the Xbox 360 gaming consoles all over the world, Microsoft decided to roll out the new model of the gaming console. The two new models were introduced to the people back in the year 2010 these are Xbox 360 with 250GB hard drive and lower version of less expensive model that is SKU with 4GB of storage space. Since the launch of new models, the older models of the Xbox 360 were discontinued by Microsoft.

Xbox one

Xbox one is the most advanced gaming console introduced by the Microsoft. This is eight generation gaming console that can be compared to the leading competitors like the PlayStation 4 as well as Nintendo’s Wii U. This gaming console was announced on May 21, 2013 and introduced to the world on November 2, 2013. Using this gaming console people can record as well as stream game play. It also has the ability to incorporate the set-top box with the console to view the satellite TV through the console itself.

In the initial stages, there are was some critics were raised about the use of Kinect usage, along with the console that hampers the privacy and digital rights management. But later on the use of Kinect was dropped by the Microsoft in order to use the Xbox one. After the allowance of the some of the restrictions dropped by the Microsoft the response of the Xbox one was increased very much all over the world.