iOS Phone Vs Windows Phone: Making Right Choice

Every smart phone industry has moved forward in manufacturing of the very reliable and gorgeous looking smart phones. Whether it is Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Blackberry, Microsoft, or some other tech giants, all have started making their smart phones the best in the market. But then, the question arises which one to choose for our use because Blackberry, Microsoft, Apple and rest have their unique OS. So, which is better and which is not? Every operating system has its own reputation in the market, but here we will specifically discuss between iOS and Windows. We will try to decrease the burden for those, who are not able to make between these two. So, check out the reasons which will clear your mind and help you in purchasing any device running on one o these OS.


User Interface

When the Windows launched its tile patterned interface then it was not accepted by the people easily as it was difficult to operate. But later on, as it gained popularity and after the emerging of the Windows 8.1 operating system, people really began to enjoy this version. Everything they wish was available on the home screen with tiles pattern which was easy to navigate. Multitasking also became possible by this time. The iOS also has beautiful icons, menus and wallpaper which are also easy to operate, but after comparing everything we have to say that the tile like pattern has dominated in the market and so do the Windows.


In Windows 8.1, the settings option for the particular app is present in the app itself. On the home screen itself, the settings option is available from where you can alter the settings of the apps and other features. But, in the case of iOS, you have to exit your existing app and go back at the home screen for changing the app settings or other feature set. The settings option is more user friendly in Windows than in iOS. The Windows settings option is similar to the Android and it gives the authority of customization to the users only. You can customize every setting from the same place in Windows, but it is not the case in iOS.

Web Browsing

Web browser is also swift and easy to navigate in Windows, thanks to Internet Explorer. The updated version of the Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 is really advanced with many features included in this browser. iOS has Safari web browser which is also swift, but not as good as Internet Explorer. Therefore, iOS lags in the web browsing as compared to Windows OS.


The Hardware of Windows phone is excellent because the processor is fast with too much RAM and various models are available with swifter RAM and processor. But in iOS, the processor has very little to offer to the customers. The processor of Apple is fast in it but then also degrades as compared to Windows. Windows has high mega pixel cameras for the users with really great resolution and clarity, but iOS has up to 8 mega pixel camera with high resolution.


In this particular reason iOS has upper hand over Windows because it has over 7 million apps in its App store and with full security & privacy. The Windows OS doesn’t support many apps for the users at all. Most of the apps present in the iOS are paid, but with full security. Windows is somehow meant for business people.

Security and Privacy

Security wise also both are very appropriate phones for the users. iOS has little edge over the Windows because it provides great security for the users in every term. You can’t easily get through anything in the iOS whereas this is possible in the Windows.

Final Words

Therefore, it can be concluded that Windows is little better than iOS because of the features discussed above. We can’t deny that iOS is behind the Windows in few aspects, but still iOS holds a great reputation. If you have to make a choice between these two on the basis of the operating system then Windows should be purchased, but on the basis of design, iOS is far better than the Windows.